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Company Profile

The company has been in business starting in 1985 in Northern California (San Jose and Oakland) and moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1990.

We provide software expertise in many areas, below are just a few examples of the myriad of services we offer. 

For large corporations, we specialize in the following areas :

bulletREXX training and program development - on the nainframe on MVS or VM; on the PC on Windows NT, WIndows 95 and OS/2
bulletmainframe program development - in BAL Assembler, REXX, the C language, PL/1, FORTRAN or ALGOL. Including: subsystem interface, MVS exits, MVS internals, SMF report writing, statistical analysis using SAS, TSO command processors, ISPF dialogs, VTAM applications and more.
bulletcomputer operations automation - using OPS/MVS, AF/Operator, AutoOperator, Netview (trademarks of respectively of Computer Asscoiates, Candle Corp., Boole & Babbage and International Business Machines)
bulletTraining for Sun StorageTek brand storage products:
bulletVSM (Virtual Storage Manager, VTSS, VTCS)
Many Fortune 500 companies have benefited from through training on this complex but best-of-breed solution for virtual tape on IBM mainframes.
bulletSL8500 tape library (and HSC mainframe software)
bulletT10K tape drive

For small businesses small businesses we also provide a variety of support services. Including

bulletLAN installation and configuration - to hook up your existing PCs to share printers, files, or start an Email system or intranet Web server
bulletConsulting - Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP software installation and maintenance, software problem diagnosis,
bulletgeneral education and assistance to computer-phobes - Running a small business is hard enough without having to become a computer expert just to keep the business running smoothly. We can save you hours of research when you need help or are in a jam. This includes data recovery, LAN problems, hardware outages and coffee spills.

Our services include:

bulletdiagnostics - to find out what ails your harware/software pet
bullethealing/repair - to fix whatever is aling your hardware/sofrtware pet
bulletcounseling/consulting - to assist you in acquiring or creating specific hardware/software or to answer any of your questions

We can handle your problems or questions:

bulletat your place onsite within the Boulder/Denver Colorado area, or
bulletover the phone 1(800) 741-4322 or (303) 223-4866, or
bulletat our walk-in clinic in the the Boulder/Denver Colorado area: bring your hardware/software pet.or


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