Markus Pelt

Lafayette, CO 80026

Phone: (303) 223-4866
FAX: (303) 223-4866

SUMMARY Wide breadth and depth of experience.
Expert in Sun StorageTek VSM Virtual Storage Manager.
Expert in z/OS & MVS systems programming internals.
Expert in commercial software development, support & training
on IBM mainframes using BAL, structured macros, REXX, C/C++, PL/1, VTAM, IBM 327X.
Worldwide expert in mainframe systems operation automation
(including author of AF/Operator and co-author of OPS/MVS), Netview and SA/390
Excellent writer and teacher of advanced and introductory IT courses
in REXX, Assembler, ISPF Dialog Manager, TSO CLIST, JCL, MVS internals, MVS Subsystem
interface, MS Office, Word, Excel, MS Access, Powerpoint
Vast technical support experience for mainframe and PC software
including installation and maintenance of MVS ESA and z/OS operating systems and related
program products from multiple vendors. Level 1,2 and 3 experience on Windows and mainframes.

LANGUAGES Native Dutch speaker, English and French.
BAL assembler (30+ years) OS/MVS, MVS, z/OS, VTAM, SVC writing, SSI subsystem interface, cross-memory mode applications, 3270 I/O streams, EXCP and channel programming for DASD.
REXX (15 years) MVS TSO/E REXX, OS/2 REXX, Windows Quercus REXX, Windows 95, Object REXX C++/C (8+ years), MVS SAS/C, MS Visual C++, Borland C,
PL/1 (4 years) IBM MVS, z/OS
SAS (4 years) IBM MVS, z/OS
Visual BASIC (4 years) Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT
Smalltalk (2 years), Digitalk SmallTalk on OS/2
COBOL and FORTRAN, JCL, Intel 80x86 and Z80 Assembler


SOFTWARE Mainframe: z/OS, MVS/ESA, VM, CMS, Netview, AF/Operator, AutoOperator, OPS/MVS, Netview, SA/390, subsystem programming interface, in-depth BAL and REXX programming, SAS, SAS/C, C/370, VTAM programming, SMF record processing, JES2 and JES3 modifications and exits, external writers, ISPF dialog programming and panel writing.

PC: Programming on Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/2003, . Microsoft Visual C++ & MFC, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP development including building Access data bases and Excel spreadsheets, Borland C++ 4.5, Digitalk Smalltalk, IBM C Set/2 2.1, Presentation Manager Programming, IBM OS/2 LAN Server, OS/2 Warp and 2.1

PDA: FormLogic (Basic) for Newton, NewtonScript.

WORK EXPERIENCE (many of the underlined company names below contain embedded web links and can be clicked on)

Integrated Storage Engineer (May 2006 to September 2008) Sun (formerly StorageTek), Louisville/Broomfield, CO

Provide main interface to partners with FICON switches and channel extenders (such as Brocade/McData, Cisco and Ciena) that need to operate with FICON mainframe tape drives, tape silos and virtual tape solutions under the StorageTek product line, especially StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) and the Sun Vritual Tape Library products. Provide support for testing and qualification of new products interoperability with partner products. Coordinate testing, and knowledge about interoperability.

VSM Instructor & Course Developer (May 2005 to April 2006) Sun Microsystems (formerly StorageTek), Louisville, CO

Teach main course on Virtual Storage Manager, Suns flagship tape virtualization product, to customers and Sun personnel. Course is 4.5 days long and extremely technical requiring detailed and in-depth knowledge of MVS (allocation, tape processing, job processing, Hardware Configuration Definition). Other responsibilities include maintaining the Customer Education Lab hardware and software, including implementing new release. Also continued to enhance the main course as well as create additional add-on modules, such as the VSM Vault Utilities, and the ExPR software product. Job requires a delicate balance of both technical and people skills to be effective in delivering the material.

Course Developer (January 2005 to May 2005) StorageTek, Louisville, CO

Create On-The-Job activities for students after finishing z/OS and MVS courses. Included web page development, JCL assignments, and tests to verify that students have absorbed course material theory and can their newly acquired knowledge to practical on-the-job situations.

Tape Library Test Engineer (September 2004 to January 2005) StorageTek, Louisville, CO

Assist in testing new microcode for mainframe tape silo hardware and tape library software. Tests are run from VM operating system on the mainframe as well as on the control unit hardware itself. Wrote REXX code to automate testing cycles on VM.

Mainframe Automation Consultant (April 2004 to August 2004) Charles Schwab Co, Phoenix, AZ

Assist in conversion of task automation from OPS/MVS SSM to IBM SA/390 V2.2. Create design for graphical monitoring facility (GMFHS) of entire Enterprise data center operations using IBM NMC Network Management Console and IBM RODM Resource Object Data Manager for mainframe, network and distributed systems monitoring. Wrote RODM exit in C to send alerts when monitor detects status changes.

PC Medic (March 2002 to April 2004) Pelt Industries, Boulder Colorado

Started own business fixing PC hardware and software problems for home users and small businesses. Provide technical support in case of software problems such as systems hangs, "blue screens", software incompatibilities, virus infections, data recovery. Also provide web design and web hosting services.

Software Developer Consultant (September 2001 to March 2002) XR Technologies, The Netherlands

C++/C conversion project for a video startup company to build a SDK for a software package that renders real-time production quality video imaging of virtual reality studio sets (such as those seen on most evening news shows).

Mainframe Software Consultant (April 2001 to September 2001) Cendant Corp., Long Island,NY

Convert startup/shutdown of hundreds of IMS regions from BMC AutoOperator to CA OPS/MVS for Avis and Budget car reservation systems. Implement OPS/MVS on many other LPARs. Contract cancelled after 9/11.

Software Web Architect Consultant (September 2000 to January 2001) eWine B.V.., The Netherlands

Primary architect of data base and workflow for website featuring Just-In-Time ordering and shipping for retail and wholesale wine sales all over Western Europe using a web farm based on Microsoft IIS, SQL Server 7.0 and developed with MS Visual Studio 6.0, MacroMedia Dreamweaver and Office 2000.

Software Operations Automation Consultant (August 1999 to August 2000) IBM Corp., Boulder, CO

Assist in conversions from OPS/MVS to Netview for clients of IBM Global Services. Write Netview and SA/390 CLISTs. Also par-time work installaing hardware and software for Windows and Windows NT Local area networks at small businesses.

Software Developer Consultant (February 1999 to July 1999) QMSoft Inc, Boulder, CO

Assist in porting of C/C++ address standardization and geographical coding software from Windows to OS/390. Teach classes in MVS Concepts & Facilities to educate developers on OS/390 platform.

Software Operations Automation Consultant & Instructor (Sept 1997 to January 1999)ProTech Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Assist clients in conversions from CA-Automate/MVS to CA-OPS/MVS automation packages. Teach classes in REXX, Operations automation, MVS Concepts & Facilities. Clients included US Sprint, Farmers Insurance and Bank of America, Duke Energy, The St. Paul Companies, and EDS.

Senior PDA Software DevelopeR & Architect (January 1997 to June 1997) Trauma Care IPA, Boulder, CO

Lead contract programmer developing client/server medical software on Apple Newton Message Pad handheld PDAs and Windows 95 desktop server.

Level 3 Technical Support (March 1995 to January 1997) Candle Corp., Santa Monica, CA

As part of 18-person team, develop fixes for mainframe operations automation products (AF/Operator and Omegacenter Gateway). Installed and maintained MVS test systems (including JES3, JES2, CA7, CA11, HSM) using SMP/E. Read system dumps using IPCS. Developed REXX programs to automate PTF review process. Reviewed code fixes and enhancements, including APPC and JES3 support.
Taught classes in REXX, MVS internals, ISPF Dialog development, MVS Subsystem Interface.

Senior Software Developer (Feb 1992-Nov 1994) Enterprise Software Corp., Marina del Rey, CA

As part of 11-person team, designed, developed and tested workload scheduling tool for IBM mainframes written in C and C++. Personally responsible for LU 6.2 data communications from OS/2 workstation to mainframe; wrote graphical user interface using Smalltalk; assisted with design and testing of assembler SMF exits, subsystem exits to gather data, and the console interface to issue operator commands. Also installed and maintained MVS ESA and XA test systems and program products with SMP/E for regression testing.

Senior Software Developer (Feb 1989-Jan 1992) MVS Software Inc., Los Angeles,CA

Developed 3270 VTAM terminal emulation to allow interface to any 3270-based mainframe packages (TSO, CA/7, CICS, OMEGAMON) using LU2. Implemented C/C++ interface for product using SAS C/C++ compiler enabling existing assembler code to call C modules and vice versa.

Software Consultant (Jan 1986-Jan 1989) MVS Software Inc., Los Angeles,CA

International Business Link, Marina del Rey, CA

Elan Software Inc., San Jose, CA

Memorex Corp, Santa Clara, CA

Connectivity Systems Inc, Houston, TX

American President Lines LTD, San Mateo, CA

Memorex Corp, Santa Clara, CA

Developed various software packages for several startup software startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.

      Co-author for commercially successful mainframe automation package OPS/MVS, for which I developed a REXX compiler/interpreter, and the multi-system communications facility (MSF) between mainframes using (non-LU 6.2) VTAM programming, and ISPF automation testing facility (AOF). Also functioned as project manager for development group. Company was sold after 3 years for $26 million to Goal Systems Inc. Assisted in installation and maintenance of MVS 3.8 and XA test systems and program products under VM for testbeds.

      Developed in C on Windows software to graphically edit a computer network and generate/update NCP gen decks for mainframes Net*Edit Windows software (International Business Link).

      Co-developed Windows software which could control an IMS system from a PC using 3270 terminal emulation. Elan Workstation. Boole & Babbage bought company.

Software Developer (Nov 1984-Jan 1986) Compucept Inc., Santa Clara, CA

Developed mainframe computer operations automaton tool called Intercept. Responsible for design, coding and testing. It was one of the first packages to include its own scripting language and use the MVS subsystem interface. Package was sold for over $2 million to Candle Corporation; is now named AF/Operator and is still earning over $25 million a year in revenues for Candle.

Data Communications Manager (Sept 1983-July 1984) Saga Corporation, Menlo Park, CA

Lead Systems Programmer (Jan 1983-Sept 1983)

Technical Support Manager (Jan 1982-Jan 1983)

Senior Systems Programmer (Oct 1980-Jan 1982)

      Maintained VS/1 and VM operating systems on IBM mainframe for $1 billion food corporation (owner of Straw Hat pizza,Velvet Turtle,Chilis restaurant chains) as lead system programmer.

      Managed group of five systems programmers responsible for maintenance of MVS, VS/1 and VM operating systems; lead 9 month conversion project from VS/1 to MVS.

      Reorganized data communications department and trained data communications staff. Responsible for network of 130 local 3270 terminals and hundreds of remotely polled restaurant terminals.

      Designed, coded and implemented voice-synthesized telephone data entry system which resulted in over $20,000 savings within first 6 months of operation.

Systems Software Developer (March 1980-Oct 1980) Memorex Corp., Santa Clara, CA

Technical Education Specialist (Aug 1979-March 1980)

Systems Programmer (May 1978-Aug 1979)

       As developer designed, wrote and tested mainframe package to allow printing of JES2 output on 3286 printers over a distributed network. Distributed Printing System (DPS) was sold for $1.5 million.

      As education specialist taught classes on 370 assembler, ISPF, TSO CLISTs and JCL.

      As systems programmer was responsible for corporate data center mainframe operating system. Performed various MVS, VS/1 and VM sysgens. Installed and maintained program products. Assisted users and operators with system problems.

Systems Programmer (May 1977-April 1978) Planning Research Corp., McLean, VA

Systems Programmer (Oct 1974-May 1977) Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA