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Left Brain


Register domain names
with our new web-based system


Right Brain

PC Medic


Schedule an appointment
for a PC Medic or a massage, by clicking on the date you desire a visit at your home or office, or mine.


Massage Therapist

$60 for diagnostic visit

We diagnose, explain, and recommend repair:
bullet"Blue screens"
bulletSystem freezes
bulletWindows errors (exception, page faults, illegal instructions, etc)
bulletPerformance problems
bulletVirus infections
bulletSoftware incompatibilities
bulletInternet access problems
bulletLAN problems



$40 for 1 hour massage
$60 for 2 hours
at your time and place, or mine.

The time to get a massage is when you don't have the time to have one: 
bulletDeep tissue massage to your liking
bulletHand and foot reflexology
bulletSoothing background flute music & sweet incense at your option
bulletShoulder & neck tension relief
bulletLower back ache relief
bulletStress reduction
bulletAsk just the way you like it

Web Host


Call to order services
Web hosting, web design, multimedia design,
printed brochures, logos.



$15 per month web sites
if prepaid for first year

Web services on a shoe string:
bullet Web Design 
(see to the right)
bullet Web Hosting
bulletDNS Registration
bullet Email boxes
bulletEmail lists
bulletData base access
bulletE-Commerce setup
(credit cards, checks)
bulletPrinting Services
bulletFAX Services



(303) 223-4866

or outside Colorado:
(800) 741-4322

Boulder, Colorado


$40 per hour
introductory rate

Web design, marketing material, brochures, video production, image editing and much more:
bullet Web Design
bullet Audio CD Design & Production
bullet Video Design & Production
bullet Business cards & stationery
bullet Logo design
bullet Digital Imaging
bullet Video editing
bullet Wedding videos
bullet CD Photo Albums
bullet Family Web sites

Software Consultant


Call for answers & advice
for a
computer software or personal problem



Rates $40 to $125 per hour
based on project and company size

Over 32 years experience in mainframe and PC commercial software development and training:
bulletOS/390, Windows advice
bulletClients include large Fortune 500 corporations, as well as local small businesses
bulletSoftware conversions
bulletSoftware Design/Visioning
bulletSoftware Development 
(BAL, REXX, VB, C/C++)
bulletSoftware Training Software
bulletSoftware Support
bulletMainframe automation expert (OPS/MVS, AF/Operator, SA/390)


One phone call can save you days of work and research

One personal training session can save you months of learning.

One conversation can mean the difference between frustration and bliss.

One moment of attention, 
one word, one act 
can make a difference in a life.


Sliding scale rates based on 
personal financial situation.
Trades and bartering accepted

Physical, emotional, spiritual counseling on a friend-to-friend basis:
bulletSpiritual advice
bulletLife style changes 
bulletPersonal mind training 
bulletSpiritual development 
bulletPersonal fitness training
bulletHelp with inter-personal difficulties related to partners, teenagers, co-workers, family members
bulletEmotional support for grief, depression, loneliness, anxiety about the world
bulletAddiction and substance abuse alleviation
bulletA listening ear, a shoulder to cry on
bulletMy heart chakra is always open



Teach Only Love,
For that is what You are.



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