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Hi Leslie,

Your new web site at has been setup and is ready for your use.

As you requested, the web site has been setup as WordPress site.

In order to change or add any web pages using WordPress, you will need to login to the site by following these steps:

  1. Open a web browser to
  2. Click on "Log In" (bottom right menu on the page)
  3. Enter the following information:
    bulletUserID: Leslie
    bulletPassword: MTLcoach2!
  4. To update/add any web pages see the tutorials at


We are a reseller of GoDaddy domain name services and web hosting, and offer cheaper prices and additional services above and beyond what GoDaddy offers retail. Here are the details of your order:

1 Year - Domain Name registration for the name

12 months - Web hosting Economy plan (Windows) for the above domain name which includes:

bullet10 Gb disk space
bulletUnlimited bandwidth
bullet10 MySQL v5.0 data bases
bullet100 email accounts (
bulletASP.NET v4.0
bulletPHP v5.3
bulletGoogle Webmaster Tools
bulletWordPress software pre-installed

Your web hosting account includes support for up to 100 email addresses of the form We have setup one catch-all email account per your request with the following details:

bulletEmail address:
bulletPassword: MTLcoach2!

To access your account using a web interface, login at

To setup Outlook to access your email account, see the instructions at

To manage your email accounts, login to using your customer account information shown below.


Your web hosting account includes support for up to 10 MySQL data bases. WordPress requires one MySQL data base, and it has been setup as follows (this information is useful only to web technicians and is not normally needed):

bulletMySQL data base name: enr1211405283764
bulletMySQL data base password: MTLcoach2!

To administer your MySQL data bases, login to your customer account at using your customer account information shown below.


While you would normally use the WordPress interface (by logging into your WordPress site using the information above), there may be occasion to update web pages and other files on your web site using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) using the FTP login information below:

bulletFTP site name:
bulletFTP login ID: lpierkowski
bulletFTP passwordL MTLcoach2!

You can find further details about FTP access at


We have set up a customer account for you which you can manage online. Here are the details:

bulletCustomer account login at:
bulletCustomer ID: lpierkowski
bulletCustomer number: 50239705
bulletAccount password: MTLcoach2!
bulletCustomer PIN: 1357 (needed for account verification when calling customer service)
bullet24x7 Customer service: (480) 624-2500 (Arizona)
Open a problem ticket:

Our customer service for web hosting and domain names is handled by GoDaddy support at the above number.
However, you can always call me (Markus Pelt) directly at (303) 241-6085

After logging in to your customer account, you can:

bulletUpdate billing information such as credit card and billing address
bulletManage your domain name(s)
bulletManage your web hosting account(s)
bulletManage your email account(s)
bulletUpdate your security settings, such as passwords.
bulletSearch online help pages for many questions, as well as read FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
For any online help, visit the Help Center at


Your use of our web hosting services, domain name services, and third party software (such as WordPress) are governed by the following legal agreements. Your use of our web hosting services, domain name services, and third party software is subject to your agreement to abide by these documents:

bulletPelt Industries - Domain Name Registration Agreement
bulletPelt Industries - Universal Terms of Services Agreement
bulletPelt Industries - Web Hosting and Virtual Dedicated Hosting Service Agreement
bulletPI - Web Hosting and Virtual Dedicated Hosting Service Agreement

Copies of the above agreements have been attached to this email.

Your customer account has been billed $58.05 on April 23, 2012 for one year of web hosting and domain name registration for the domain name


A credit card receipt has been attached to this email. The following credit card has been charged:

bulletCard number: xxxx xxxx xxxx 5340 (only last 4 digits shown for security purposes)
bulletExpiration date: 08/2013
bulletCVV code: xxx
bulletName on card: Leslie Pierkowski
bulletCard billing address: 6646 Redberry Glen Lane, Houston, TX  77041

Your domain name registration and web hosting will be renewed automatically at the end of April 2013 and every year thereafter. You will be sent a reminder notice of this prior to your credit card being charged for any renewals, and you can change these settings any time by logging into your customer account online, as explained above.

Your Wordpress web site was installed with a default "theme" (look and feel). By searching Google for "WordPress themes" you can find many themes to change the look and feel of your web site. You can install a new theme yourself by following the instructions on the WordPress web site at or for a charge, we will be happy to install a theme of your choice for you.

Your satisfaction is important, feel free to contact me at any time by phone at (303) 241-6085 or by email at

Marrrek Pelt



For questions, problems or suggestions on this web site please contact our webmaster Markus Pelt
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