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Comparing computers
PC Problems
Using query strings in ASP pages
Printing or closing a window
Virus Removal
How to protect your PC
Windows Diagnostic Tools

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Windows Tools

WHO - Find people
WHO - Find companies
WHO - Find US Government department
WHO - Find name for phone number (reverse number)
WHERE - Get driving directions to any address
WHERE - Is an IP address or domain name located
WHAT - Find web sites

WHAT - Dictionary definition of a word
WHAT - Encyclopedia  information for a term
Windows Diagnostic tools

System utilities in Windows XP:
Task Manager -
List all  tasks, process & performance
List software that starts at boot up
Diagnose problems with game hardware
Browse or edit Windows registry

System utilities in Windows 98:
Diagnose problems with networking
Display computer activity in graphs

PC Problems


Comparing Computers
Common PC symptoms and their cause(s)
How to cut down on your spam email


A Brief Explanation of Viruses
What an anti-virus program will do for you
Virus removal & PC recovery procedure
How to protect your PC from  hacker attacks
What a firewall will do for you



Robust REXX and Rules in OPS/MVS

Local Area Networks

Web Design

WINIPCFG - TCP/IP Configuration display  (Win98)
IPCONFIG - TCP/IP config cmd
PING - TCP/IP connection checker cmd
TRACERT - TCP/IP route checker cmd
NET - LAN network resources cmd

What makes for bad web sites
Using query strings in ASP pages
Printing or closing the current window

REXX Programming

Web Hosting

How to register your domain name (
How to create your own email addresses (
How to create  your own web site

Internet Basics

Internet Protocols

Email on the Internet
Web browsing on the Internet
MS FrontPage MS Access Data Base Publising

POP3 - Post Office Protocol
SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol
TELNET Protocol
PING Protocol
DNS - Domain Name Server protocol



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