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Even though it may seem to make little business sense to list links and phone numbers of our competitors (you can click on one of the logos to go to a competitor's web site below),  we firmly believe that knowledge and education is a service that we want to provide to our customers. Especially in economic hard times, it makes sense to comparison shop and save money. You will find our rates competitive and our service superior !

Competitive Rates & Services Comparison
Web site: No web site
Service name:

Phone number

1-800-741-4322 or
303-527-5050 1-800-433-5778 1-866-483-9162 1-866-439-8327 1-877-MAX-CTRL
In-home or In-Office services
service is performed at your home or business
In-office Virus Removal $100 per hour $99 per hour** $300**     No in-home or
in-office service
In-Store services
you bring your PC to the store and service is performed there
In-store Virus Removal $120 fixed rate $148.50 fixed rate** $200**     No in-store service
Online services
service is performed via high-speed internet connection
Assumes your PC and internet connection are healthy enough to do this.
Online Virus Removal $120 fixed rate N/A $170**      
New PC Setup &
File Transfer
  N/A       $100
PC Restoration   N/A      


Technology Problem Help Session   N/A       $80
Help Session 4-pack   N/A       $270
PC Protection   N/A       $150 per year
PC Protection Premium
includes 4 Problem Help Sessions
  N/A       $400 per year
Wireless Network Setup   N/A       $60
Wireless Security Session   N/A       $50
Unlimited Premium Data Backup   N/A       $80 per year
Peripheral Setup and Tutorial   N/A       $50
Software Setup and Tutorial   N/A       $80
Digital Photo Recovery   N/A       $70
Premium Tech Help Desk Access   N/A       $200 per 6-months
*Rate quotes were obtained between October 10th and October 13th 2008 from competitive web sites where available.
**Phone calls were made to Geek Squad and PC Doc requesting removal of a suspected virus (in-home/in-office service was requested for the Boulder/Broomfield area).



Call 1-800-741-4322
to schedule an appointment or pick-up service.


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