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Your hard disk contains all the data and software used by your computer. If it fails, either totally or partially, your PC will either not operate correctly or lose one or more of your data files. Checking your hard disk consists of ensuring that all files are intact, and ensuring that the file system is consistent. A disk sector check also verifies whether all areas of your hard disk are undamaged and will ensures that no data will be lost in the future.

Our service: We run a full disk check to ensure your hard disk is working correctly and no data has been lost.



Defragmentation of your hard disk will speed up access to files. The movement of the read/write head across the spiining disk surfaces can add a significant amount of delay to reading files. By ensuring that files are close together and not fragmented, head movement can be minimized.

Our service: We run a full disk defragmentation on your hard drive to ensure the drive operates at optimal speed..



A virus scan will detect and eliminate any malicious software that may have been installed on your PC's hard drive. Virus software can wreak havoc with your files, delete them, alter them or reproduce itself to other computers on your network or on the Internet, by email or other communication means.

To prevent infection by viruses, you should have anti-virus software installed, which not only can scan for existing infections, but also prevent future infection. McAfee, SYmantec and AVG are the best known anti-virus software vendors.

Viruses can also slow down your computer's performance.

Our service: We make sure your anti-virus software is properly installed and up-to-date. We run a full virus scan on your entire hard drive.



Many unused, unnecessary files can be left behind by various software programs. As time progresses these unneeded files can take up a significant portion of your hard drive. Deleting such things as uninstall files, temporary files, as well as reducing some setting which use too much disk space, it is possible to recover a lot of free space on your hard disk.

Our service: We analyze your disk space for high utilization causes, including large video and audio files, uninstall files no longer need, as well as temporary files that can be deleted. We will also recommend which software is using large amounts of disk space, and what to do it.



Many web sites will ask you to install software on your computer. Some of them can be unnecessary, or undesired. Many users don't even know what most of the installed software on their PC is used for.

Our service: We analyze your installed software and will remove known unncessary software with your permission. In addition, we will recommend software updates for software that is out of date, or unlicensed. All information is kept confidential.



Many commercial software packages when installed, will insert extra startup programs in the WIndows boot-up sequence. You can see some of them in your "Program" menu "Startup" folder. Each additional startup program requires time to start and will cause the Windows bootup sequence to take longer.

Many of these startup programs are not malicious but may be unnecessary. For example, Quicktime and Adobe Acrobat will insert software that checks on a regular basis for software updates available on their web sites.

Our service: Our startup configuration check will identify and remove any unnecessary software programs from your Windows bootup sequence. This may significantly speed up your computer's performance to its original specification.



Many video games use a Windows feature called "Direct-X" to speed up the display and audio of video game play..Direct X uses your PC's hardware in a different way, and could create problems if either the software is not installed correctly or the hardware does not support it properly. This can cause skipping or freezing of video and audio, not just during video game play on your computer.

Our service: We run all the Direct-X diagnostics tests to ensure your software and hardware are working correctly together.



A modern PC includes many components that can fail: USB ports, RAM memory chips, dialup modems, ethernet ports, keyboards, mouse, video adapters and much more.

Our service: We analyze your installed hardware for any issues reported by Windows. If these are related to software drivers we will  diagnose the issue and reinstall the correct drivers. If there is a failing hardware component we will research replacement and/or repair cost and provide you with the cheapest recommendation.



A computer's performance can severely degrade over time, mostly due to the installation of more and more software. Quite often just adding more temporary memory (RAM) can significantly boost the performance depending on what the bottle neck is in performance.

Our service:
Our analysis will measure the performance of your computer and identify the causes of slow performance. Our software analysis may be able to boost performance during the PC tune up. Or more RAM may do the trick. If you are looking for speed beyond the machine's capability we will find you the cheapest upgrade.



The Windows operating system software like most software is continually updated with fixes to newly found problems and bugs. Timely installation of Windows updates from Microsoft is a requirement to ensure you have the best running software.

Our service: We update your genuine Windows software with the most current fixes and security improvements available from Microsoft.



The Microsoft Office software like most software is continually updatedwith fixes to newly found problems and bugs. Timely installation of Office updates from Microsoft is a requirement to ensure you have the best running software.

Our service: We update your genuine Office software with the most current fixes and security improvements available from Microsoft.


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