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Your hurt is my hurt.
Your healing is my healing.

Physical, emotional, spiritual counseling on a friend-to-friend basis:
bulletA listening ear or shoulder to cry on
bulletSpiritual advice
bullet Life style changes 
bulletPersonal mind training 
bulletSpiritual development 
bulletPersonal fitness training
bullet Help with inter-personal difficulties related to partners, teenagers, co-workers, family members
bullet Emotional support for grief, depression, loneliness, anxiety about the world
bulletAddiction and substance abuse alleviation
bulletMy heart chakra is always open

A Listening Ear or shoulder to cry on

Sometimes, all that is needed is for someone to listen to your concerns or issues. Unbelievable as it may sound, many of us have plenty of opportunities to talk, but still lack feeling heard. It may not be safe or nice to voice how you really feel.
I am a great listener, without judgment, and lots of empathy. Most of the dilemmas people face are quite human and not as hard to relate to as you might think.

Spiritual advice - What your soul needs.

My advice can be as down-to-earth as recommending a specific change of life-style, or as deep as helping you find the meaning of (your) Life, or your vision. Depending on your level of awareness, you may want direction or insight, guidance or vision.
I come from a perspective of seeing the God in most people I meet; seeing the innocent child they started out in life as; feeling the lessons and sometimes the suffering that made you into the person you are now. My spiritual advice is based on who/how YOU claim to be and who/how you say you want to be.

Life style changes - What your mind and body needs

When you state your vision, and share with me your life style; what works and doesn't work; what you want to keep and what you want out, I can give concrete suggestions as well as creative solutions to making life style changes that will work for you to realize your vision.

Personal mind training 

Sometimes, we have mental blocks. Sometimes we even play with them, unconsciously. Forgetfulness, obsessiveness, errors in judgment, absent-mindedness, bad habits, unconsciousness, insensitivity, daydreaming, and many other mental issues are caused by lack of mental training.
Similar to physical laziness causing obesity and cardio-vascular problems, so does mental laziness cause many mental problems. As physical exercise helps the body, mental exercise helps the mind.

Spiritual development 

When you're stuck in the material world, you may need to develop spiritually a notch to continue on. What that notch is, differs from person to person. Through counseling we can discover what the next step is that you are willing to take, and fits your path.

Personal fitness training

Fitness does not mean super-muscular, or hyper-slender, or any other idealized version of a human being. The goal of personal fitness to have your body be in the best condition for the life style and circumstances that YOU envision for yourself. Taking a 20 minute walk a day may be too little or too much, or just right for you; it all depends of what you think you want be able to accomplish.
In a loving way with your permission, I will always encourage you to reach your stated goals, even when you are willing to give up or don't believe they are possible to reach.

Help with inter-personal difficulties related to partners, teenagers, co-workers, family members

Quite often we are not aware of how we come across to other people. You can use me as a mirror to find out how you come across. All this requires is that you show me as genuinely as possible how you interact with your partner, teenager, co-worker or family member (without getting out of control, especially against  your therapist, thank you). I can provide you feedback in how to communicate more effectively.

Emotional support for grief, depression, loneliness, anxiety about the world

Losing a loved one, realizing the futility of Life, feeling without friends or family, being afraid of all the problems in the world, these are all very real issues for our soul that can have deep and troubling consequences on our psyche. Withdrawal is a conditioned response in such cases, but counseling is imperative in order to stop the path of disconnecting further and further from the world.

Addiction and substance abuse alleviation

Addictions come in many form, and the substances we abuse are varied. What all of them have in common is that we use them in the mistaken belief that we need them to be happy or reduce our suffering at least. Our body, our mind and worst our soul can get so attached to an idea, a thought, or a physical substance that we come to believe we will cease to exist without it.
There are no easy quick fixes to long-term or chronic problems. We need to come to grips with the reality of our circumstances, rather than hang on to the illusion of "feeling better" when we use and abuse.

My heart chakra is always open

Opening my heart to you is part of my counseling technique. I often share very personal stories from my own life experiences to try to relate to you. By making myself vulnerable to you, your judgments and opinions, I take a risk of getting hurt and at the same time setting an example. Any time we confide, we risk a part of us. it's always a gamble, but with time, you will get better at estimating the odds of winning. What you stand to gain is trust, intimacy, connection and Love, a regained faith in yourself, the world, and your place in it.

Your hurt is my hurt.
Your healing is my healing.



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