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My massage table at your home or office
Customized to your liking
Your feedback is important
Comfort and clothes
What to expect
Bodily functions
Nudity and sex
Emotional safety
A vacation for your body


For $100 for one hour of massage (or $150 for two hours), I will come to your office or home with my massage table (portable but full-size), with soothing CD music, sweet smelling massage oils, and even Indian incense at your request.

I do Swedish massage as well as deep tissue massage to your liking, as well as hand and foot reflexology (based on the theory that every part of your body is reflected in the sole of your feet or the palm of your hand).

 I can also provide you with hot rock therapy, a very special treat involving putting smooth river rocks (about 2-3 inches long) in hot water, and then placing them on your back, arms, legs, feet, hands and shoulders while they are cooling. The sensation is incredibly relaxing.

My aim is to have you relax and release your stress. To that effect I try very hard to accommodate your likes and wishes for a massage.

Some people are extremely sensitive and want a gentle touch. Others like to be kneaded harder. My technique involves a lot of palpation: my feeling your muscles and tensions, knots and sensitive spots. I am very empathic and can usually sense the spots in your body and what type of massage treatment they need.


The more feedback and direction you provide, the more you will enjoy your massage. While most people like the soothing after effects of massage, I can also re-invigorate your energy if you feel drained or depressed physically.


Many people are unfamiliar with the "dress code" for massages, especially if they have not ever had a massage treatment. I want you to be comfortable. If that means you want to remain fully clothed, that is not a problem.

I usually recommend that men wear briefs or shorts comfortable to lie on a table, and women wear comfortable underwear (a strapless bra is preferred so I can massage your shoulders easily). If you feel more comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt that's fine too.


I will come to your home or office and spend a few minutes unfolding my table, putting on clean sheets (flannel ones in the winter for extra warmth), setting up some soothing music, and burning some incense at your request.

I will leave the room while you undress and get comfortable under the sheet. When you call me, I will come back in and start the massage. I usually start out very slowly by gently touching the soles of your feet, your shoulders and neck. As we progress, I will work on your lower legs (calves and ankles, feet and toes), your upper body (neck, shoulders, upper arms) and slowly go down to your lower arms, wrists, hands, palms and fingers.

During the massage, I will ask you to turn over and lie face down on the table, so that I can massage your back, buttocks and backside of arms and legs.

At any time, feel free to tell me whatever you want done or not: harder (deeper), softer, slower, faster. You can also tell me whatever sensations the massage gives you. In many cases,  soreness is "referred": I press on one spot, but you feel sensations farther down or up. This is quite common, especially when pressing what are called "pressure points" or "trigger points".


It is not unusual to feel so relaxed in the middle of a massage that you fall asleep. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will just continue the massage, as you need not be awake for your body to get the benefits of the massage. On the other hand, you can ask me to wake you if you fall asleep.


Getting a massage means making yourself somewhat vulnerable. Some people are concerned about their bodily functions (farting, having to go to the bathroom, nasal drips and so forth) while being massaged.

Rest assured that you can stop me at any time to go to the bathroom. I will leave the room if you are shy about being seen in your underwear while walking to the bathroom (or you can drape yourself in one of the sheets).

If you get gas easily, don't worry about flatulence; we don't need to stop and I may even crack a joke to put you at ease about it. By the way, stress and nervousness are quite commonly the cause of gas and indigestion; your massage may actually relieve some stress and reduce the symptoms.

While being massaged, your lymphatic system (the body's drainage system) is getting massaged too. It's not uncommon, especially when you are lying face down, to get a nasal drip during the massage. Just ask me to get you a Kleenex tissue whenever you need one.


Our (American) society associates nudity with sex, and physical touch with intimacy. Professional massage therapists know that a massage is a non-sexual service provided to clients (yes, some times you do see advertisements in papers for masseuses that provide sexual services but that's NOT what I do).

Many clients do feel a sense of intimacy when being massaged. I do my massages out of love for others, and I would actually be disappointed if you did not pick up my desire to give my massage clients the most loving massage I could possibly give. However, my love for what I do as a therapist is non-sexual. I am very honored by the trust that clients place in me, and take that trust very seriously.


To have a stranger touch your skin and body can be a bit disconcerting. If you have had emotional issues in the past about being touched (abuse, car accidents and the like), please let me know ahead of time. Whatever consideration you need, I will provide if possible, to keep you emotionally safe during the massage. How else can you possibly relax and enjoy my talents ?


I do massage out of love and a deep desire to help people get back in touch with their bodies. We often forget during our hectic lives to properly take care of our soul's home. Massage can be a wonderful way to give it the love and attention it deserves.

If your body has been working hard or stressed out, my massages are like a much needed vacation. Pamper yourself and take care of your body through a one hour massage for $40. If you could use more time, I can pamper you 2 hours for $60 introductory rate.

Call me now for an appointment (303) 223-4866. I can usually accommodate emergency requests on the same day.



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