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Home Services

For families and individual residences we provide a variety of support services. Including

LAN installation and configuration 
to hook up your existing PCs to share printers, files, or start an Email system or intranet Web server


Windows 9x/ME/XP/NT/2000 software installation and maintenance, software problem diagnosis


General assistance to computer-phobes - Running a family household is hard enough without having to become a computer expert just to keep the computer(s) running smoothly. We can save you hours of research when you need help or are in a jam. This includes 
software installation problems, 
virus disinfection, 
data recovery, 
LAN problems, 
hardware outages and 
coffee spills.

Our services include:
bulletdiagnostics - to find out what ails your harware/software pet
bullethealing/repair - to fix whatever is aling your hardware/sofrtware pet
bulletcounseling/consulting - to assist you in acquiring or creating specific hardware/software or to answer any of your questions

We can try to handle your problems or questions
bulletover the phone service   Call  (303) 223-4866, or outside Colorado (800) 741-4322 
bulletpick-up service  we will pick up your PC; diagnose it; repair at your option; drop it back off; reconnect your PC
bulletonsite service at your residence within Boulder county and vicinity

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Quick and simple
[Bullet] Onsite visit at a time that works for you
        [Bullet] Personal service
        [Bullet] 30-day warranty


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