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Everything but Unix

I have a breadth and depth of computer software that is unsurpassed (with the exception possibly in the area of Unix, but I figure every computer science student is an expert in Unix by now). 

Software Design and Development

I wrote my first computer program in Holland when I was 13 years old (printed a Fibonacci sequence). In high school I learned BASIC on a Honeywell timesharing system using a teletype and punch tapes (around 1972) and in college I programmed using punched cards and waiting a day for turnaround (expensive to make typos!)
I started in the mid-1970's on mainframes and learned assembler, COBOL, ALGOL, and SNOBOL in 1975, and many more languages since then, including C, C++, JCL, REXX, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, APL, PL/1, TSO CLIST, SmallTalk and more. And yes, I programmed in each one of these languages. Machine languages for the popular IBM PC Intel 80x86 chip, the Apple II 6502 chip, the Amiga's Motorola 680x0 chip, the IBM mainframe System 360/370/308x/39x/XA/ESA architectures, the old Z80 chip even.

PC Diagnostics and Repair

I also know enough to repair most PCs, be it hardware or software problem. I can change an IDE drive from master to slave as easily as I can install Windows NT Server with SQL server and IIS. I truly am a "Mark of all trades."

Database and System Design

I also do data base design and system and work flow analyses. I can recommend the cheapest solutions as well as the best solutions for a given problem you may have. The earlier you involve me in your planning the more you can benefit from my many years of experience.

New Technology

I stay informed and abreast of many technological advances and developments. Quite often I can recommend solutions that use this technology at its best, while also saving my clients lots of money. In many cases, I bring my creativity to the solution to combine old and new technology into a solution that is cost-effective.


Check out my resume to see the details of my accomplishments and talents.


Click on a link below for more details on the services we offer.

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