Weight Loss Supplement

  Is the first product ever to be powered by an ultra-potent blend of natural, clinically proven metabolic compounds that work synergistically to produce unprecedented fat reduction results—without containing ephedrine OR dieting!                   

                                               *Physician and Pharmacist Approved & Recommended!  


You've heard about these pills on TV and the Radio...you ask yourself, "Do they REALLY work?" The answer is YES!  We heard customer after customer ask...."Why don't you develop a SAFE diet pill that works with Vita-13?"

NOW, you can lose weight FAST, Boost your enzyme action, Control your Appetite, Avoid Serious Health risks AND LOSE THAT STORED EXCESS WEIGHT! with G-Factor. After reading and seeing first hand how folks  were risking their health and lives, with unsafe products, we got busy and developed a weight diminishing product that doesn't require bizarre dieting or tough exercise; we came up with . This formula is made from natural ingredients and are blended in safe ratios.  consistently gets testimonials like this one:

                       "Pam, the diet pills are doing good. I don't know how much I have lost, I have not
                       weighed. The day you give me the sample of G-Factor, I weighed 309 lbs. I have not
                       been on a diet as such. What the pills have done for me is stop the craving
                       for candy bars, cakes and cokes. I used to buy one or two candy bars or
                       combination them of every time I went into a store to pay for gas etc.
                       Now I eat breakfast, and most of the time don't want lunch and eat a reasonable
                       dinner. I have lost a considerable amount in belt size I would guess about
                       three inches. I have experienced NO side effects from the pills. 

                      The greatest benefit to me is that I don't feel like I am starving all the time!  

                       When can I get more?

Another one:

In just 14 weeks, I lost over 40 pounds of stubborn body fat that I thought would be with me forever. I was in my Senior year in high school.  I tried to eat well, but the cafeteria food is not the best!  We did not take gym class and with eating the stuff at school and working, I gained weight, even though I didn't eat that much. A friend told me about and I lost 42 pounds in 4 weeks and wasn't hungry.  I ate normal and STILL LOST MY love handles!  Now, I only have a small gut to go.  I actually feel like exercising again, now that I can see real progress!

initially seemed to be doing nothing…but I kept with the program and during the 3-4th weeks the weight began to come off.  I was fitting into my clothes better each day. I still continue to maintain my weight with G-Factor. It dulls my appetite without any jitters, and I notice I don’t crave sweets or fried foods like I used to…to top it off, when I eat a lot of junk food, I get indigestion now, so it helps me choose to eat a healthier diet! Debbie Anderson

Order your daily weight control formula at www.vita13.com  Just $25.99 a month or less than $1 per day, to your ideal weight! With FAST priority sipping, you can start on G-Factor within 3 days! You will see a marked and lasting difference beginning in as little as 15 days!..but stay tuned, it "melts" off the third and fourth week!  Continue taking G-Force to maintain your current diet, OR e-mail and ask for your "Right Diet" eating plan!


Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take two capsules before breakfast or morning exercise session, and two capsules at bedtime on an empty stomach with 8 ounces of water.  DO NOT EXCEED FOUR CAPSULES PER DAY. Individuals weighing under 150 pounds may wish to begin use with one-half the recommended dose for the first week (one capsule twice per day). For best results, use as part of a reduced fat diet and exercise program.

Product Warnings: Keep out of the reach of children. Not intended for persons under 18 years of age. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing or at risk of or being treated for high blood pressure, heart disease, renal disease, hyperthyroidism, spasms, psychiatric disease, suffer from migraines, are allergic to tyramine or chocolate, have asthma, or are taking asthma medication. Consult your physician before use if you are taking a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI).

What The Other Diet Pill Companies Don’t Want You To Know…

Do you ever find yourself asking any or all of these questions:

  • Why do I keep spending money on diet pills and not getting results? Most diet pills are designed to work short term.
  • Why do I get sick and continuously feel lousy? You need a good, natural multivitamin, especially when dieting.
  • Why is it so hard to stay “consistent” when it comes to dieting? A lifestyle change is needed.  Vita-13 provided a "easy to use plan" that works FOREVER, period!
  • Which weight control does MY BODY need? One that works for you and compliments your body frame.
  • Will I be able to live maintain my weight as I get older? Yes, if you really want to.
  • How do I know “For Sure” which weight formula is best for me? Try "G-Factor" for 4 weeks and you tell us what you think!

The “New Scoop” On diet pills…

Weight loss capsules may be an answer to "jump starting" you on your way to getting enough crucial nutrients in your diet!

is a Key factor in losing weight and is complimented when you take "Vita-13" food supplement, you get the nutrition you need.  And, the fact is: YOU probably aren’t getting the nutrients that you need in the foods you eat daily...even if you're not dieting!

World class nutrition experts have been recommending vitamins for more than 35 years!

“To take or not to take” is no longer the question. ALL nutrition experts and most doctors support supplementation.

What To Take Is Now The Question…

Optimal Health Journal lists many government surveys which state:

  1. Our diets DO NOT provide adequate levels of vitamins for AVERAGE HEALTH – let alone OPTIMAL HEALTH!
  2. Of 21,500 people surveyed, NO ONE obtained 100% of the recommended allowance for each of the ten essential nutrients.

The prestigious journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) now recognizes the importance of vitamins. It states:

  • Most Americans do not consume adequate amounts of vitamins by diet alone.
  • it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.”

Did you know that your body needs specific amounts of different nutrients and that it can be harmful if you take too much of a certain vitamin?

Can you overdose? In a word – YES!

Overdosing can be more harmful than under dosing! For example:

  1. In high doses, Vitamin C can act as a pro-oxidant causing rather than preventing cellular damage.
  2. Taking too much Calcium can cause constipation and impaired kidney function.
  3. In high doses, Iron can cause an increased risk of heart disease; also poisoning in children who take adult doses.
  4. Zinc, in large amounts can cause gastrointestinal irritation and impaired immune function.

Which Diet pill is formulated specifically to work with a natural Multivitamin? is the newest development in this arena and stands alone! 

Which Nutrients Do YOUR BODY Really Need?

What nutritional supplements should you take? Answer that question, and go to the head of the class. People today are positively boggled by their choices…3,400 different supplements to choose from, at last count. Everyday you hear convincing arguments about why you should take each and every one of them:

  1. To prevent cancer
  2. Heighten immunity
  3. Lower blood pressure
  4. Increase energy
  5. Sharpen memory
  6. Aid in weight control
  7. Build strong bones

You want all these things, so why not take all these supplements? For one thing, you’d go broke! Beyond that, you don’t need them all! Taking too many might even hurt you! So, back to the question: What supplement should you take?

With all the different products on the market today, how do you really know which vitamin supplements to take? Which ones should you be taking and in which amounts? That is the question…

Even READERS DIGEST is asking: “Which vitamins do you really need?”

We identified the Exact Nutrients YOUR BODY must have in three key areas  - the essential first step…You no longer have to guess which nutrients to combine for optimal health. Our formula’s are scientifically formulated  with nutrients your body must have in order to protect your body against cellular damage from uncontrolled free radicals; eliminate harmful toxins in your body; and keep your body’s immune, Vascular and Nervous systems in balance.

Can you afford this kind supplement? Yes, for a cost of less than $1 per day you can enjoy all of the benefits of "Vita-13!"

Daily intake of the precise nutritional supplements YOUR BODY needs is the second essential step…We have combined ingredients which address the specific nutritional requirements to meet your body’s needs based on your specific gender, you’ll have in you hands the distillation of years of research on human nutrition, herbal medicine, biochemistry, and metabolic science. At this point in time, you now have the most powerful nutrition tool available to control your health!

*NOTE-Due to heightened Credit Card Security, you must enter the verification code from the back of your credit card (the last 3 digits) in the "Special Instructions" area of the online order form. Should you bypass this page, simply e-mail the code to Customer Service at cs@vita13.com.  Once your order e-mail address and verification account are verified , discounts will be applied and your order shipped to the address on your credit card.  *NOTE* Should you experience problems ordering online, you may place your orders by calling 865-567-8920 or e-mail your telephone number to info@vita13.com and we'll call you back! Thank you for your patience as we strive to protect your privacy.

Clinical Calorie Study Tests Top Diet Pills

(NAPSI)-In the midst of the swirling controversy surrounding the safety of hundreds of popular ephedra-based dietary products, comes news of an unusual, hi-tech clinical study. It indicates G-FACTOR ephedra-based diet pills are considered to be a safe, natural thermogenic weight-loss agent that has no history of adverse events.

The study indicated that the ephedra-free green tea extract compound containing the ingredients in G-FACTOR, is a more effective weight-loss agent. The head-to-head testing results of the diet products are published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

At the start of the trial, each patient’s normal caloric burning capacity, known as resting metabolic rate, was measured with a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved device called the indirect calorimeter. It attaches to the mouth and measures respiratory rates. Based on oxygen consumption readings, doctors can calculate how many calories a person burns daily.

G-Factors' ingredient compound is an alternative for people concerned about the safety of ephedra.  Douglas Kalman, Director of the Clinical Nutrition Research Unit at Miami Research Associates in Florida, where the independent study was conducted, adds, "One might presume that an alternative would not be as effective as the ‘original.’ That’s why our team of physicians was surprised to learn that, within the confines of the study, the ephedra-free capsules outperformed the two ephedra-based diet pills, when it came to total calories burned."

The study concluded that patients burned five percent more calories taking ephedra-free “G-Factor” compound than when they took ephedra-based Dexatrim. They also burned 4.9 percent more calories using the ephedra-free product as compared to taking ephedra-based Metab-O-Lite.

There are claims that ephedra, especially synthetic alkaloid-based ephedrine, might trigger heart palpitations. However, patients involved in the clinical trial exhibited no cardiac side effects.

Doctors say if people are concerned about how ephedra products might affect them, they should consider taking the new G-Factor green tea extract diet aid, which according to the Miami-based clinical study may be more effective and have long term results than ephedra-based products altogether.



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