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On this page, you will read idea's and suggestions from single parents.  We hope you find something here you might use to enrich yours and/or your children's lives that will be a positive in an otherwise negative situation! Feel free to send us your "tips" and suggestions, we are always adding to our suggestion list and know there are millions of great parenting idea's out there.  This is the place to share them with Single parents who are searching for innovative idea's and approaches to the dilemma of raising children in today's world!

I got my single parent badge and raised three fine sons.  So, yes, I pitched in my two cents worth of things I learned from the boys while we grew up together! I truly hope you will find some thing(s) on this page to "enlighten" your life and and brighten your path as your life unfolds! The Cherokee strive to "Walk with the Wind" and this "Tips" page holds untold wisdom passed down for generations and through my Grandmother to me. I realized just "how wise she really was" long after she passed away; much of what I share with others through personal coaching is based on her teachings.  So I pay tribute to Grandmamma Doie as, even from the grave, she continues to help many folks put wind in their sails and a light in their eyes as they learn to face life with grace, as it comes.

Our Forefathers spent much more time "mentoring" than we do today, and spoke words of wisdom to the next generation.  In our mobile and information society, we have lost touch with these practices.  Our Mission is to revive and continue this practice. May Blessings and Peace surround you.

Feel free to return to our "Tips" page often and refer the site to your friends.  We update "Tips" monthly, and will increase frequency as resources and time allow.