Better Balance with Vita-13

"SAFE" and EPHEDRA FREE!... Physician and Pharmacists  recommend Vita-13, and Vita-13's active ingredients are FDA approved!... New!... easy to swallow, vegetarian capsules!  Ask your Pharmacist for a FREE Sample!  Click here for a location near you. We accept all Major Credit Cards.


 You try to take care of yourself; you try to eat
 right, exercise and get enough rest. You even
 wear your seatbelt in the car...
 Why not take the best Vitamin you can find?

 Your body is organic, why fuel your body with
 synthetic food or vitamins?

     Vita-13.....  The organic B-Complex Multi-Vitamin with herbs you can depend on...   Proven beneficial to those with fatigue, stress, anxiety ADD/ADHD, Crohn's disease, constipation and much more!

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