"If you want to outlast your automobile, you'll need to take better care of your vital organs than you do your car engine!"   

Are you taking the "right" vitamin? Find out the 2 things Pam discovered that alter lives!

 For starters, Pam wanted a vitamin to provide nutrition missing in a 'low-carb' diet. She also wanted this one formula to include all of the vitamins she needed daily... instead of the 16 bottles she had lined up on the shelf!

"Vita-13" is a creation of Native American wisdom passed down over generations to Pamela Williams, a Cherokee descendant.  Cherokee Industries, Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes her Native American supplements and Heath Formulas based on the teachings Pam received from her Grandmother and modern Vitamin therapy. Pam's supplements are proving very successful in improving the quality of health in her customers.  Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Cherokee Industries, Inc. is a certified Woman Owned Business. 

WHY IS THIS VITAMIN DIFFERENT? "Vita-13" is the official 'low-carb vitamin.' Visit  www.lowcarbvitamins.com and you'll see "Vita-13" is the ONLY organic based, herbal vitamin supplement which safely combines the vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes needed for complete vital organ nourishment. "Vita-13" is specifically designed for folks on 'low-carb' and 'focus food' diets. * Ask us for our "Right Diet" eating plan with your purchase of any of our products.....FREE! 


  180 Million people are confused daily, over which vitamin to take.  Many dangerously under and over supplement as they attempt to aid their body.  Our formulations are strategically combined to be safe and comprehensively nourishing for each of your vital organs.  "Vita-13" has been used quietly for years by health conscious, medical professionals (who were trained in nutrition) and naturalists. You can EXPECT MORE out of "Vita-13!" It's the most complete vitamin with PROVEN, HIGH PERFORMANCE RESULTS EVER!  Our Founder has studied nutrition and health for over 30 years and was mentored in Cherokee Indian herbal practices.  These formulas are based on her research, experience and experimentation to develop the most comprehensive formulas from the best combinations she could find, to fit today's hectic and stress filled lifestyles.....AND for herself!  Pam takes Vita-13 Graceful Women's formula daily!  

Second, Pam wanted this formula to preventatively address most of the issues we all face: 

Low Energy- Low Stress Tolerance- Fatigue- Constipation- Irritability/Depression- High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol- Hot Flashes- Sexual Stamina issues-Low Immunity- Memory/Concentration issues- Bloating-  IBS- Acid Reflux- Osteoporosis and more....try it for yourself! 

                                                                                                                                    HOW CAN ONE FORMULA DELIVER THESE RESULTS?....Studies prove that over 80% of today's diagnosed diseases are actually nutritional deficiency induced symptoms!  "Vita-13" helps reduce and control these symptoms and more!  So, folks naturally have different results to report.  What issues do you have that you want to see if Vita-13 can help? For starters, "Vita-13" can help you FEEL YOUNGER and MORE ENERGETIC...tell us what else it does for you!


I am pleased to introduce--   (click for more info)

  ...the completely SAFE way to lose weight!  Regardless of your age or what you eat, you can be leaner this summer! G-Factor is our "stimulant free" weight management formula! This formula dulls your appetite through meeting enzyme levels necessary for complete digestion and absorption.  Try it for yourself!

              Which Type of Vitamin Are You Looking For? 

Men  & Women 12-99+

Women' s Formula  for ages 16-99+

WorkingMan's  Formula  

         Original                Energy                Formula                  (For Men & Women  Age 12 and over.)   

(ALL of your vitamins , Herbs, Extra Calcium & HRT Alternative in 1 Formula!)

Great for women 16-99!

Eases hormonal swings from PMS  to Menopause! (Ages 16-99!)

Advanced Stamina Formula
for the Working  Man!

(Age 25+)

 "Vita-13" delivers MORE, so you can EXPECT MORE out of life!   

With all of our supplements, you can maintain your current diet and lifestyle and STILL FEEL BETTER THAN EVER!  Although we suggest everyone "shift" to a healthier diet and lifestyle*, we can wholeheartedly recommend Pam's supplements coupled with Omega-Flax Seed Oil for noticeable and improved body functions! 


Women's Formula | Men's Formula | G-Factor

DO YOU KNOW what Physicians and Pharmacists tell their patients when asked to recommend a good vitamin? The Majority admit they had very little nutritional training/ education in  Medical School and say, "just chose one off of the shelf" ...or worse yet, they recommend a synthetic supplement.  Glitzy television ads try to make you think their synthetic supplement will do wonders for you, but the wisdom of centuries always wins out in the end.  What is the prize?  Better health and a higher quality of life! You can count on "Vita-13" products to help you " FEEL and FUNCTION you very BEST!" 

"Vita-13" and "G-Factor" are revolutionizing the way America takes supplements and is available online and in select Independent Pharmacy and Health Food locations.  "Vita-13" is the first and only comprehensive supplement containing our Native American herbal combination promoting optimal vital organ health. Your vital organs control your health; it just makes sense to nourish them properly. 

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Women's Formula | Men's Formula | G-Factor

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Active ingredients are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* Should Vita-13 products NOT work for you, simply call for a return authorization code and return within 15days  

        of purchase and we'll gladly refund your money!