"Vita-13" will maximize your energy, virility, longevity, and overall health ...
Perhaps you have low metabolism, low blood sugar, bad circulation, hormonal imbalances during menopause, or compromised auto-immune system? Then you simply must try "Vita-13." This ancient Native American organic blend has the practically proven power to maximize your physical and mental well-being and really make your life as enjoyable, productive, and holistically healthy as it should be.
"Vita-13" is proven with practical use by our satisfied, returning customers
We have many returning customers who keep telling us that "Vita-13" has made a major impact in their life. In fact, even physicians, nurses, pharmacists, Sports and Television personalities use and recommend "Vita-13" for more stamina, more energy, and more strength. Click on the "Testimonials" button on the tool bar (above) to read more about how many peoples’ lives were transformed after starting to take "Vita-13."
"Vita-13" is safe to use – no bad side-effects

"Vita-13" is a completely natural supplement built on the healing effects of the ancient herbal wisdom of the Native Americans and Free from Ephedra or it's chemical counterparts!
"Vita-13" contains 31 different vitamins and minerals
Finally, all of the Vitamins, Minerals, Digestive enzymes and a blend of Native American Herbal supplements for optimal health maintenance in 1 bottle!

"Vita-13" contains 6 different digestive enzymes
We've added vegetable extracted Carbohydrate and Protein enzymes to assist your digestive systems efficiency, facilitating digestion, extraction and absorption of nutrients from your foods. 

"Vita-13" is Ephedra Free

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a serious warning for products containing any form of ephedrine. According to the FDA, any form of ephedrine can be harmful for pregnant women, and for persons with diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, high blood pressure, depression, glaucoma, and other medical conditions. "Vita-13," however, unlike many other supplements, is completely free from all varieties of ephedra, including synthetic ephedrine as well as “natural” ephedra originating from herbs of the plant family Ephedra.
"Vita-13" is caffeine-free

"Vita-13" is teine-free
"Vita-13" has plant-based estrogen sources, not animal-based
Studies have shown that animal-based estrogen increases the risk for recurrent hormone-induced cancer.
Active ingredients are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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With "Vita-13"™, you take only 4 veggie caps to receive the benefits of more than 26 supplements!  Get rid of all of those individual bottles of supplements!   FEEL BETTER FAST!

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