Welcome!  I am glad you stopped by.  If you're like most folks calling me these days, you want to know how you can obtain extra energy safely; many want to begin taking better care of their body and ultimately feeling better than ever.

My Key Cornerstones to Good Health:

1).  Eat the healthiest diet you can:  Vegetables prepared in their rawest state possible, white meat with red meat only on occasion.  Try not to eat preservatives or processed foods, and use only moderate salt, sugar and grease in your foods.  Eat whole grain breads and pasta's.  Use natural condiments; avoid anything with Nutrasweet (Aspartame), dyes, artificial colors or preservatives.  Drink plenty of purified or non-chlorinated water with lemon or lime juice, or both, for flavor and to purify your body....and of course, take Vita-13 daily!

2). Exercise 3 minutes, two times daily raising your heart rate by 20 beats per minute. It is more enjoyable while reciting your favorite prose.

3). Get in touch with your Personal and Spiritual Integrity, then look for what Life brings to you and receive it.

4). Connect with a loved one daily and tell them how much they mean to you.

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