Sales and Promotional Tools


The tools under the Sales and Promotional Tools section of the Merchant Tools are designed to assist you in your quest to attract customers to your web store through marketing, advertising, and promotions. For more information about the purpose of a certain option, read the brief descriptions below. To view more information about using a tool and step-by-step instructions, click the name of each option as it is listed below.

Promotional Mail: Promotional Mail is a mass-mailing tool which helps to keep your customers aware of the goings-on in your web store, and can help turn casual one-time shoppers into regular customers.

Sales and Discounts: everybody loves to take advantage of a sale. Your web store has built in functionality to allow you to create a store-wide discount that will discount all orders in your web, to place individual product items on sale, or to offer free shipping to customers who place orders over a certain amount.

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