Sales Reports


There are six different types of sales reporting tools, each of which will return information about a specific type of ordering activity in your site. The Sales Reporting Tools are: Sales Details, Sales Summary, Transaction Service Report, Affiliate Partners Report, Product Sales Report, and Retrieve Order. Each of these tools is described in more detail below. You can also click on a sales report's name to view step-by-step instructions on how to use it.
Sales Details: this is the standard StoreFront Sales Report. Sales Details will list all the individual orders that have been placed in your web store within any date range. Each individual order record that is displayed will be accompanied by a details link that you can click to see all the information for the order.

Sales Summary: this reporting tool will summarize net and gross sales in your web store for any date range that you input. The Sales Summary tool is an easy way to quickly figure the total sales figures for a given month, week, or year.

Transaction Service Report: this reporting tool will only be useful if you are using a live transaction processing service such as AuthorizeNet or LinkPoint. If you are using one of these or a similar service, then you can use the Transaction Service Report to view information about credit card transactions from customers in your site. This includes information like credit card authorization numbers, error codes, and Address Verification Service codes.

Affiliate Partners Report: if you choose to use your web storeís Affiliate Partners program, you can use this sales reporting tool to view the total sales referred from any of your affiliate partners. Click here to learn more about using the Affiliate Partners Program

Product Sale Report: the Product Sale Report functions like the Sales Summary Report, except that it produces a sales summary for only a single product item instead of counting all sales for all items. This report is an excellent tool for gauging the popularity of a new item by viewing its total sales in the weeks following its introduction into your inventory.

Retrieve Order: the Retrieve Order tool is designed to locate and retrieve a single customerís order.

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