Using the Sales Details Report

The Sales Details report will produce a list of all orders that have been placed in your web store within any given time period. Follow this step-by-step guide to use the Sales Details reporting tool.
  1. Open your web store's Merchant Tools in a browser and click on the Sales Reports link.

  2. Select Sales Details from the Select Report drop-down box.
  4. Enter a date range in the Start Date and End Date fields, using MM/DD/YY format, or else use one of the short-cuts (Day, Week to Date, Month to Date, Year to Date).
  6. Click Submit to produce the report. Click the Order Details link next to any of the orders listed to produce an individual report for that order, or click the Transaction Details link to view a Transaction Service Report for that order (remember that if you aren't using a payment processing service, there will be no Transaction Details).

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