Affiliate Partners


Your web store has built-in support for an Affiliate Partners Program. This affiliate program allows other webmasters to refer traffic from their web sites to your web store. An affiliate partners does this by creating a special hyperlink from a page on their site that points to another page in your web store. When someone clicks on the affiliate partner's link and is sent to your site, your web store notes that they arrived through an affiliate partner link and begins tracking them. If the customer orders merchandise from your site, it is recorded by StoreFront that Customer A from Affiliate A placed an order in the site. A running count of the total orders placed by customers referred to your site by each affiliate will be kept and can be accessed through the Affiliate Reports. You can then offer some sort of incentive to your affiliate partner as a reward for their business, such as a percentage of total orders placed by referred customers.

This tool will allow you to view information about your web store’s affiliate partners, and to modify that information if it becomes outdated. Click here to learn more about how to use this tool, or click here to learn how to use your web store’s affiliate partners program.

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