Using the Affiliate Partners Program


Affiliate programs are an excellent way to build business relationships and to attract traffic to your web store. Follow the steps below to create new affiliate partners.
  1. Locate the site you want to establish the affiliate relationship with, ideally one that complements or parallels your own site. Contact the site's webmaster and establish the ground rules for the relationship: where your link will be placed, the amount of the incentive that will be offered for referred sales, etc.
  3. Direct the prospective affiliate to the Affiliate Page in your web store. By clicking on the New Account button at the Affiliate Page, your new affiliate can submit their information and create an account. The Affiliate Page will also provide them with the syntax of the special link they should create to your site.
  5. Use the Affiliate Sales Report tool to track the revenue you get from orders placed by customers who have referred to your web store by the affiliate. Pay your affiliate partner according to your agreement. Your affiliates can view their referred sales by going to the Affiliate Page and entering their user name and password, then clicking Submit.

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