Introducing the StoreFront Merchant Tools


Welcome to the StoreFront Merchant Tools. This menu is the main interface you will use to administer your web store, and it will be the starting point for tasks like creating products, retrieving sales reports, altering the design of your site, and many others.

You can see that this menu is divided into five main options: Sales and Promotions, Store Settings, Store Inventory, and Sales Reports. You can click on each of these options to access sub-menus listing additional options organized by purpose and function. To learn more about the purpose of these, read the descriptions below. To see step-by-step descriptions of how to use each of the sub-menus under a main section, simply click that section’s name in the list below. Remember, you can access task-specific instructions on each page simply by clicking this image:
Store Reports: these are the StoreFront Sales Reporting tools. You can use them to retrieve orders and view information about ordering activity in your web store.

Sales and Promotions: the links under this section lead to tools designed to assist you in the performance of daily administrative and marketing duties, such as managing affiliate partners, creating sales and discounts, and emailing the customers who have subscribed to your web store’s mailing list.

Store Settings: the links under the Store Settings section lead to tools that you’ll use when you first build and configure your site, but won’t use very often once the web store is up and running. These tools can be used to set tax rates, assign a name to your web store, configure the web store’s shipping calculation, configure mail services, and other tasks.

Store Inventory: these tools allow you to manage your web store’s inventory by adding new products and editing or deleting existing products. You can also use them to control how your inventory is organized by creating Manufacturers, Categories, and Vendors.

Customers and Affiliates: these tools allow you to view and edit the customer records that are stored in your web store's database, and to manage the information for members of your web store's Affiliate Partners Program.

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