Organizing Your Inventory


Your inventory is organized using three basic levels: Category, Manufacturer, and Vendor. When creating a product item, you will be asked specify what Category, Manufacturer, and Vendor the item belongs under. Grouping your products in this fashion will simplify the tasks you must perform while managing your inventory, and will also make finding and ordering these products in your web easier for your customers.

The Category, Manufacturer, and Vendor criteria can be used to create any organizational scheme you like. They are not hierarchical: a single Category can encompass unlimited Vendors and Manufacturers, and vice versa for Vendor and for Manufacturer. A common use of the criteria, however, is to establish a tiered organizational scheme using Category as the broadest classification. Manufacturer is then used as a more narrow grouping, then Vendor. For example, a web store might have a Category of Home Electronics. Within this Category might be a Manufacturer called Sony. The Vendors who carry Sony products are Best Buy and Circuit City.

Click one of the links below to learn more about creating and editing different Categories, Manufacturers, and Vendors.
Categories: click here for an overview of how the Categories feature functions, or click here to learn how to manage your site's Categories.

Manufacturers: you can add, modify or delete, and list all Manufacturers.

Vendors: you can add, modify or delete, and list all Vendors.

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