Store Settings


The tools under the Store Settings section of the Merchant Tools are designed to help you perform one-time configuration tasks that will be a necessary part of configuring your web store. These include tasks like naming your web store, configuring your mail services, choosing how your web store will calculate shipping costs, and setting tax rates. For more information about the purpose of each of the tools, read the brief descriptions below. Click one of the links in the list below learn to more about any tool and to view step-by-step instructions on a tool’s use.
General: the options under General Configuration deal with an assortment of miscellaneous functions. These are: configuring ezeehelp, configuring the StoreFront Affiliate Program, setting a store name, and activating or deactivating the Wish List and Email to a Friend functions.

Mail: whenever a customer places an order in your web store, as many as three emails will automatically be sent. One will go to the customer who placed the order, to let them know that their order has been recorded and will be processed. The other two are sent to you, to alert you that there is an order waiting to be processed. Mail Configuration allows you to control the content of the confirmation emails, and the email addresses that they will be sent to.

Geographical: the options under Geographical Settings relate to the physical location of your web store’s distribution center, and they allow you to perform tasks like choosing your web store’s currency type and selecting the countries and states or provinces your web store will ship orders to. This is also the interface where you can configure your web store to use OANDA’s Currency Conversion services.

Order Processing: you can use the options under Order Processing to control what forms of payment your web store will accept, what credit cards will be accepted, and whether or not credit card information will be encrypted when it is written to your web store’s database. This also where you can configure your web store to accept Internet Cash.

Shipping: this option will let you configure how your web store will calculate the shipping costs for orders, and what shipping options your customers will be presented with when they check out.

Tax: select Tax Configuration to set tax rates for states/provinces and countries.

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