Using ezeehelp


Ezeehelp is a third party service provided by ezeehelp, Ltd.. By establishing an account with ezeehelp, Ltd., you can make ezeehelp links appear on the StoreFront pages throughout your site. When a customer clicks on one of these links, it will activate an HTML-based customer service chat application that will allow the customer to speak directly to yourself or an ezeehelp service representative. Ezeehelp offers several different service plans to suit a variety of operations; visit for more information.

Follow the instructions below to configure your site to make ezeehelp available to your customers.
  1. Establish an account with ezeehelp, Ltd.

  2. Open your web store’s Merchant Tools in a browser and click the General Configuration link under the Store Configuration section.

  3. Enter your ezeehelp user ID in the field labeled ezeehelp Login. Check Activate.

  4. Click Submit. ezeehelp links will now appear on the pages throughout your web site.

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