Mail Configuration


You can use this tool to compose the content of the confirmation emails that are sent to customers who complete an order in your web store, and to determine what email addresses you want to receive your order notification emails at. Read the instructions below for more information.
  1. Open your web store’s Merchant Tools in a browser. Click the link for Store Settings, then select Mail.

  2. In the Primary and Secondary Email Address fields, enter the email addresses you would like to receive confirmation emails at. Emails will be sent to these two addresses every time an order is placed in the site. The Primary Email Address is required.

  3. In the Mail Subject field, enter the text you would like to be used as the subject for the confirmation emails that are sent to customers. In the Mail Body field, enter the text that should compose the body of the confirmation email. This text will precede the order summary that is included in confirmation emails.

  4. Check Display Mail Subscription on Checkout to allow your customers to offer your customers a chance to subscribe to your web store's mailing list while they are checking out. No subscription offer will be made during the checkout process if this option is left unchecked.

  5. Click Submit to finish the configuration and apply the new settings.

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