Order Processing


The options under Order Processing will allow you configure some aspects of your web store’s checkout process. For example, you can control what payment methods customers can use to pay for the orders they place in your web store, what credit cards the store will accept, and whether or not customer credit card information will be encrypted for additional security. Read the brief descriptions below for more information, or click one of the links for details and step-by-step instructions for a particular task.
Selecting Accepted Credit Card Types: credit card is the most commonly used form of payment in online transactions. You can choose which credit card types your web store will accept.

Enabling Credit Card Encryption: this option will increase your web store’s security level by encrypting your customers’ credit card numbers before they are recorded in your web store's database.

Selecting Accepted Payment Methods: by default, your web store can accept payment for orders in up to seven different forms. You can use this tool to customize your store’s list of accepted payment method.

Transaction Setup: StoreFront includes support for an assortment of different payment processing services. You can use the options under Transaction Setup to configure the payment processing service used by your web store.

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