Shipping Configuration


This menu will allow you to configure how your web store will calculate the shipping cost of orders. There are three main types of shipping cost calculation which you can configure your web store to use: Carrier-Based, Product-Based, and Value-Based. You can also apply additional charges, like a minimum shipping charge and a handling charge. Read the brief descriptions below for more information, or click one of the links for details and step-by-step instructions.
Carrier-Based Rates: Carrier-Based Rates figure shipping costs according to the total weight of all the products in an order. These shipping costs are obtained directly from the FreightQuote, DHL, CanadaPost, UPS, USPS, and FedEx servers. This is the ideal shipping type for a web store selling heavy or bulky items which will incur high shipping costs.

Value-Based Rates: The Value-Based Rates shipping type will calculate the shipping cost of an order based on the total cost of the items ordered by a customer. An unlimited number of value based shipping levels can be created to accommodate shipping calculation. The use of Value-Based Rates might be most appropriate for a web store selling merchandise that doesnít usually incur heavy shipping costs.

Product-Based Rates: Product-Based Rates allow you to charge a preset shipping cost per product item. The total amount of shipping charged when using Product-Based Rates will depend on the items ordered and the quantity of each item ordered. The amount charged for each product is that productís Ship Cost, set when the product is created.

Handling Fees, Minimum Shipping, and Premium Shipping: In addition to the standard shipping calculation provided by Carrier-Based Rates, Value-Based Rates, and Product-Based Rates, additional shipping charges may also be necessary. To accommodate this possibility, StoreFront includes options for handling charges, minimum shipping charges, and a premium shipping option. Premium Shipping gives your customers the option to choose some form of priority shipping, for which they will be charged a flat fee set by you. Handling Charges allow you to charge a flat handling fee or service charge for all orders, or shipped orders only. The Minimum Shipping Charge option, when enabled, ensures that shipping on any order will never be less than the amount you specify.

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