Configuring Value-Based Rates


The Value-Based Rates shipping method will calculate the cost of an order based on the total cost of the items ordered by a customer. An unlimited number of Value-Based shipping levels can be created to accommodate shipping calculation. Follow the instructions below to configure your web store to use Value-Based Rates to calculate shipping costs.
  1. Open your web store’s Merchant Tools in a browser. Click the link for Shipping under the Store Settings section.

  2. Under Shipping Methods, select Value-Based Rates.

  3. Set your shipping rates. Under Value-Based Shipping Setup, enter the first level of the Value-Based Shipping scheme. Each level should include the upper limit of the range of order totals that will be affected, and the amount of shipping that will be charged for orders that fall within that range.

  4. After entering the first level of Value-Based charges, click Add Value-Based Level. The screen will reload with a new set of input levels to accommodate the next Value-Based level. Enter the next level of shipping costs and click Add Value-Based Level. Repeat this step until you have entered as many levels of shipping charges as necessary.
  5. Click Submit to apply the new shipping rates.

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