Selecting Supported Shipping Destinations


Every business ultimately wants to have global distribution, with customers in countries around the world. Unfortunately, the logistics of international shipping may make this impractical for some businesses. You must choose the countries and states that your web store will accept orders from. Read the instructions below for more information.
  1. Open your web store's Merchant Tools in a browser. Click the link for Store Settings, then select Geographical.

  2. The states and countries that your web store currently accepts orders from will be listed under the Supported Shipping Destinations section of the Geographical menu. You can remove a state or country by clicking the Delete button next to that state or country's name.

  3. To add states or countries to your shipping list, first scroll to the bottom of the Geographical menu and locate the Add Shipping Destinations section. The available states and countries that you can add to your shipping list are displayed here. Use your Ctrl+Left Click to select all the states and countries that you want to add to your shipping list, then click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

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