Hi Pam,

Your Vita-13 home page is here:


The changes that Mike must do are here:


The changes that you, Pam, probably SHOULD do, is to take new photographs of the 12 different products that you now offer (one bottle men's, two bottle men's, three bottle men's, etc.) They probably should look something like the photos that I created on the Go Shopping page, but they have to be BIGGER in format. So you need to produce photographs that are bigger in format, and they must be crisp and clear, not fuzzy, dizzy, or unclear in any way. Then just give Mike those 12 pictures, and he will insert them into the database. OK?

Good luck, Bo.

Saturday, Jan 17

Made some final touches to the site, but spent most of the day preparing the documentation for Mike. Version one of the Vita-13 website is now finished, from my perspective.

[Today's total: 8 hours.]

Friday, Jan 16

Edited keywords on all pages; added 2 pics on testimonials page; added picture on About Us page; edited mouse-over texts; made a new Product Info page; made a new Testimonial Ad; edited Pam's suggested changes on all pages; etc.

[Today's total: 12 hours.]

Thursday, Jan 15

Lots of small changes. Thinking about the user inface

[Today's total: 2 hours.]

Tuesday, Jan 13

Lots of marketing calculations.

[Today's total: 3 hours.]

Saturday, Jan 10

A lot of graphic design today. I finished painting the shopping cart button, which I now have pasted on all pages in the upper left corner. I have also programmed it so that the window "view cart" (or "view order") will appear when we click on it. It was a lot of work to get it nice! Note however that the re-programming of the window that comes up displaying the contents of the cart is Mike's responsibility. But I will let him know how the asp-code should be programmed as soon as I can (should that go through you, Pam?).

I have now also fine-tuned the order form for fax and regular mail, which is available from the contact us page.

[Today's total: 13 hours.]

Friday, Jan 9

A LOT of time dedicated to researching marketing strategies, as well as to evaluate the results from the Overture experiment.

[Today's total: 9 hours.]

Thursday, Jan 8

Trying different shopping cart graphic designs. It's difficult.

[Today's total: 9 hours.]

Wednesday, Jan 7

I have written and rewritten the copy for the Contact Us page, and it is now available at:


Note that the Email Form page is not ready yet.

I have redesigned the footer on all pages. It now contains all contact information that any potential customer would need. Note that I have removed the email address info@cherokeeindustries.com completely from the Vita13 website. You should only use info@vita13.com for anything that has to do with supplements (as you say in your own email-footer that I get everytime that I read your emails) and with the vita13.com website. So that's done. I have also added your fax number in one of the FAQs, and also edited the text a little bit. (it was the first question on the FAQ page).

I have removed the menu item called "Product Information" from all pages. Product information will be supplied in the Detailed View for each product, which will be available by clicking on each product in the list on the "Go Shopping" page.

[Today's total: 10 hours.]

Tuesday, Jan 6

I am continuing editing the "go shopping" page, in various ways: editing the graphics, fixing new prices for the bundles, etc.

I have added a photograph on the testimonials page.

I have fixed the photograph on the home page, so that it became clearer and better resolution.

I have written the copy for the About Us page, and also pasted a new photograph there. It's available at:


There are lots of other small changes as well, too many to mention. But it looks better and better, day by day, I think. I hope you agree.

[Today's total: 13 hours.]

Monday, Jan 5

I have added and edited the text on the home page. There's also one more paragraph about the differences between organic and synthetic vitamins. I put it close to the top, as number four, or five.

I have studied quite a few websites today, how their product information is arranged and how their ordering system works. I think it is clearer and clearer to me how we will make the vita-13 site VERY easy to use.

One result of this research is the following. I changed the name of the page previously called "Order Now!", because it sounded to close to being VERY near checkout. It's NOT very close to checkout (it's several steps BEFORE checkout) So I renamed it to "Go Shopping!" instead, which is much more what it is. So this newly named page is available at:


I have also updated the shopping page with pictures of the product bundles for the Vita-13 Original Formula. In addition, I have revised the bundle prices, and the lowest per-bottle bundle price is now 19.99, which I think you said before we could use also in the south west. So now it becomes a lot easier. I hope!

[Today's total: 12 hours.]

Sunday, Jan 4

I have spent some time on researching search engines. What I can gather right now [this is a TEMPORARY evaluation, not a final one], the most important web sites for getting listed on are, IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE: 1) Google; 2) Yahoo; 3) MSN; and PERHAPS 4) Looksmart. That's it. That's where you should be. Nothing else really counts very much.

The retailers page is now basically finished. It is available here:


Please check to see that all address information is correct. If there are any mistakes, email me. If you have additional information (zip codes where there is no zip code now, for example) email me. If there are new retail locations, or independent distributors that you want to list, email me.

The FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions, page is now finished in its FIRST revision. We can add tons of new questions here. But this is, I think, enough to get going. This new page is available here (note that I have a question: What is your FAX NUMBER for ordering products? Do you have one?):


[Today's total: 12 hours.]

Saturday, Jan 3

I have now edited your testimonials and they are all on the testimonials page at:


The testimonials look REALLY good, I think, so they are a very important part of your website. Note that the ads in the left column on the testimonials page should be different than they are now. We probably don't have to have ANY testimonials in the left column on this page; we can concentrate on having sales ads and other things.

I am in continuous correspondence with Mike, to try to figure out what the best total solution of the ordering system is going to be like. We'll most probably go with the current shopping cart system, but modify it so that it suits our needs and the customers' needs better.

[Today's total: 6 hours.]

Friday, Jan 2

I have been researching ways of how to make your ordering process MUCH easier than it is with your current website, but it is still not entirely clear to me exactly how we should proceed. I have been spending considerable time rearranging the file and folder structure of your site, to prepare for lots of graphics and ads in the left column of all pages.

I have initiated contact with Mike mainly regarding the shopping cart portion of your website. I will continue corresponding with him about that, to see how we can make things better.

I have added a DUMMY "Order Now" page. It's available at:


My intention is that by clicking on any of the available products in the list, the customer will come to the shopping cart's window for that item. Naturally, all the bundles that I have created have not yet been put inside the shopping cart system, but I think this will work nicely. Note that in the list on the "Order Now" page, there must be PICTURES of the bundles. If a certain bundle consists of four bottles, then there must be a picture of four bottles. The customer always wants to SEE what he's ordering. You may want to scrutinize all the different bundles that I have created and notify me if you think they are TOO crazy, if they give too much discount (but I think these bundle prices will generate a lot of sales!).

I decided also to arrange in the main menu system a certain page which I will temporarily call "About Us". Here I want us to describe about your faith, about your Cherokee background, about the Cherokee traditions, that this is your FAMILY business, that you like to SERVE people, and that you are not ONLY in it for the money, but you like to help people (that's why you are a nurse, too). Etc.

[Today's total: 11 hours.]

Thursday, Jan 1

I published the first demo of your home page. The links don't work, and there are no more webpages than the home page. The copy is almost finished, and the relative position of all the graphical elements on the page is also very close to final. But there are many more testimonials and ads, etc., that are supposed to be in the leftmost column. And the exact design of those ads and testimonials can be altered, of course.

[Today's total: 12 hours.]

Wednesday, Dec 31

Lots of hard programming work.

[Today's total: 12 hours.]

Tuesday, Dec 30

Lots of programming.

[Today's total: 11 hours.]


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