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A Dutch Tradition

I grew up in Holland and one of the traditions they have there is a thing called "WC Kalender" (pronounced "Vay-Say") which literally translates to "Bathroom Calendar".


Where did "WC calendars" originate ?

You should know that unlike American bathrooms, the Dutch usually have separate rooms for the toilet and shower/bathtub. The toilet is housed in the "WC" (Water Closet) usually not much larger than a closet. That's where you will find mounted on the wall a perpetual birthday and anniversary calendar called the "WC kalender".



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Why a calendar in the bathroom ?

The thinking behind putting a calendar on the "bathroom" wall is that you will never miss a birthday or anniversary coming up as long as you regularly visit the bathroom and see that calendar every day (assuming you're not constipated!).



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Why are these calendars "perpetual" ?

In addition, the bathroom calendars are perpetual calendars: they have no weekdays on them, so that they can be used year after year, and you don't have to copy all the birthdays and anniversary year after year. The Dutch are very efficient and think of everything !





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