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Thomas Crum Coaching Program

FThomas Crumor over three decades, Thomas Crum has worked with athletes, executives, and leaders from all walks of life to develop peak performance and leadership capability.

The opportunity to receive vital support is now available to people in all professions through Thomas Crum Coaching Programs. Our coaching program is designed to help you become more purposeful, powerful, and present in your daily life.

I love that Tom's coaching views every situation as an opportunity for learning and building better relationships. Our sessions help me be open to outcome and discovery, not bogged down in right or wrong. And he keeps me moving forward, not sliding back into old habits.

Wendy Cieslak, Sandia National Labs

Coaching with Thomas Crum will help you to:

  • Build powerful relationships
  • Resolve conflict successfully
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Turn fear into power
  • Turn stress into vitality
  • Maintain a work/life balance
  • Develop clarity, focus and purpose

The Thomas Crum Coaching Process

Here are some of the steps that we take to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Preliminary Information:

  • We will ask you to write out your goals for a coaching assignment. While these goals will be refined once you are working with your personal coach, this will help us to get to know your needs and desired outcomes.
  • We will help you to decide who would be the best coach for you. Thomas Crum and four senior coaches are available for coaching. Some of our coaches have particular areas of expertise: e.g. parenting, difficult relationships, and mind/body training.
  • We will discuss with you the optimal format(s) for interacting. Coaching work can be done over the phone, via the Internet, and in personal meetings. We will work with you to create the most beneficial, time-efficient and affordable arrangements.
  • We may ask you to take part in some preliminary assessments. We have a number of tools available that may facilitate your coaching experience.
Your Coaching Experience:
  • Your selected coach will contact you. Details on the logistics of your coaching process will be discussed. For example, if you have chosen to work primarily through phone calls, you will decide on timing of phone calls, number and length of calls. Basic ground rules will be established, e.g. missed appointments, etc.
  • Throughout the duration of your coaching experience, your main interaction will always be with your coach. The two of you will share a special relationship. Rescheduling due to emergencies will be directly between the two of you.
  • At the end of your coaching experience, you will be asked to fill out a feedback form for us so that we can continually improve our coaching relationships.
Methods of Interaction:
  • In-person meetings. Depending upon where you live, coaches are available for in-person meetings. These are supplemented with phone and email consultations
  • Phone calls. All coaches are available for coaching via phone. These calls are supplemented with email communications between calls, if possible.
  • Email based coaching. Email provides flexibility that was unheard of before the age of the Internet. We also offer either a 100% email/instant messaging based program or a combination program that relies heavily upon email with occasional phone calls.

Learn more about our Thomas Crum Coaching today. Call our New York office (585-924-7302) or email us for more information and to sign up.

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