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Journey to Center
Magic of Skiing

Journey to Center is Cocooning!

Those of you who participated in our Journey to Center program in Peaceful Valley, Colorado may remember that ‘cocooning’ is a natural stage in our personal evolution. It is a time to contemplate and rejuvenate from which we emerge ready for discovery.


After 20 years, we have decided to end our current Journey to Center program format.  Many thanks to all of you who participated in our program over the years. It has been a rich and privileged experience to have shared with all of you.


Stay in touch as we warmly cocoon for the next few months. We promise to emerge in a fantastic new form that will continue to offer support on your continued journey to your center.


For now:

  • Be sure to read the original Journey to Center book, available here on our website.
  • Subscribe to our monthly Centering Hints email for the latest word on my 2009 programs.



Tom Crum


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