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Three Deep Breaths - Fall Special

Through November 30, let us know if you'd like your copy of Three Deep Breaths personally signed by Thomas Crum. Order two or more copies of Three Deep Breaths and receive a complementary copy of our blank-page journal, Your Journey to Center.

Three Deep Breaths provides a simple technique that you can use, no matter how busy you are, to transform tough situations into positive, energizing experiences. It is a mind/body technique that combines the ”cognitive-restructuring” capability of the brain (the ability to change our attitudes and perceptions of the world) with the calmness and presence of an aligned, centered state of being.

Thomas Crum illustrates this radically simple technique through the story of Angus, who is struggling to break through the negative habits that lead to anger, exhaustion, and poor performance. By working with our breath, by being aware of it and using it as a focusing tool, we can open up a whole new world of possibility.

This attractive hardcover book, with a forward written by Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, will make a great gift for your family and friends.

In Thomas Crum’s wonderful story you may discover what you felt has been missing…. ..until now.
Dr. Spencer Johnson, Author, Who Moved My Cheese and The Precious Present

Published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-57675-389-7 Retail price: $19.95

$14.00 plus shipping. - SPECIAL PRICE THROUGH NOVEMBER 30

Note: Please indicate any special instructions for your autographed copy of Three Deep Breaths on the payment form in the 'special instructions' section.

Journey to Center

This book by Tom Crum features humorous and poignant stories on the exploration of centered and uncentered states. Whether in Southeast Asia or his backyard in Aspen, Tom finds adventures that constantly amaze, entertain, and enlighten.

What a delightful book! Journey to Center has a vital message, but the message never get in the way of the fun. And a big part of the fun is getting to know the adventurous, high-spirited, and wonderfully candid author. I savored this wise and enchanting book from cover to cover.
George Leonard, Author of Mastery and The Ultimate Athlete

Published by Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 0-684-83922-9

$13.00 plus shipping.

The Magic of Conflict

Read Tom's remarkable best seller and gain a deeper understanding of conflict and personal growth. Learn how conflicts don't have to equal contests. And read all about The Discovery Process, an exceptional tool for living with reduced stress and increased excitement.

An invaluable source of wisdom.
arry Wilson, Founder, Peco River Ranch and Wilson Learning

Published by Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 0-671-66836-6

$15.00 plus shipping

Full Length Workshop Videos/DVDs

The Magic of Conflict Video Series

This four volume series allows the viewer to participate in a live workshop by Thomas Crum on The Magic of Conflict approach. The topics of The Nature of Conflict, Reaching Your Centered State, The Power of Discovery, and Taking Effective Action are covered. Now availabe on DVD as two disks.

Produced with CareerTrack
$79.00 plus shipping

The Creative Resolution of Conflict

Creative Resolution of Conflict videoOne of our best selling products, this video features excerpts from a workshop by Thomas Crum on the basic principles of his conflict resolution approach. It was filmed in 1985 and has an introduction by John Denver. Viewers still find it valuable! 56 minutes. Now available in VHS and DVD.
Produced by Aiki Works, Inc.

$40 plus shipping

Stress Management Videos/DVDs

The Aiki Energizer

The perfect stress management tool. A series of non-aerobic exercises for daily practice. Learn skills to integrate the mind and body for relaxation, stress reduction, and increased energy without having to leave your office or home. 45 minutes. Now available in VHS and DVD.

Produced by Aiki Works, Inc.

$40 plus shipping

Centering Movements, Centering Sounds:
Ten Minutes to Inner Peace, Health, and Energy

This instructional video with Judy Warner teaches simple movements and breathwork that you can practice on a daily basis. It reviews the six healing sounds from the art of qi gong and presents a ten-minute movement sequence drawn heavily from the art of qi gong that is designed to rejuvenate and balance your body. Now in DVD.

Distributed by Thomas Crum Associates
ISBN: 1-877803-13-8

$35 plus shipping

CDs by Thomas Crum

A Centered Mom is a Happy Mom

Tom Crum's latest audio CD

A keynote talk by Tom Crum for the 2007 Momference Global Telephone Conference. Tom discusses the nuances of his Three Deep Breaths practices. This presentation, while directed at Moms, discusses principles essential for anyone with a goal of living a centered life.

Published by Aiki Works, Inc.
$10.00 plus shipping.

Beyond the Gold

A number of years ago, Tom Crum recorded many of his favorite stories, including his 'trademark' strawberry tale. We are now happy to offer these stories on a newly mastered CD. Beyond the Gold offers a unique look at relationship and moving beyond success. It is a perfect companion piece to Three Deep Breaths.

Published by Aiki Works, Inc.
$10.00 plus shipping.

Living a Centered Life CD Series

Offered only on website!

In the fall of 2006/winter 2007, Tom Crum conducted a series of four teleconference calls for a small subscription group. The calls were taped. There has been so much positive feedback on the series that we have decided to do a limited website release of the material. Living a Centered Life offers an in-depth exploration of the Three Deep Breaths tool that Tom introduced in his book: Three Deep Breaths: Finding Power and Purpose in a Stressed-Out World. The teleconference series is packaged on four CDs, each approximately an hour long.

Note: The broadcast qualtiy of the sessions, recorded via phone lines, is variable. We apologize for this imperfection. Our reviewers felt the content quality outweighed the recording imperfections. We hope you agree too!

Published by Aiki Works, Inc.
$35.00.00 plus shipping.

Books by Thomas Crum Associates

From Chaos to Center:
A Training Guide in the Art of Centering

This practical guide by Judith Warner captures the training themes from Magic of Conflict workshops and presents them in a straightforward, easily understood format. Enhance the quality of your life by creating a personalized training plan you can immediately incorporate into your daily routine.

Published by Aiki Works
ISBN: 1-877803-10-3
$10.00 plus shipping

Unlikely Teachers: Finding the Hidden Gifts in Daily Conflict

Judy Ringer's newly published book on aikido and conflict is a practicaltool to help you generate more power, presence, and flow in yourrelationships and your life. Much more than a "how-to" book on conflict management, Unlikely Teachersoffers personal stories, reflection, and direction on how to managesomething more important—yourself. Take a moment to engage your best self, the self that is wise, aware, andresponsive. Direct the energy of conflict instead of reacting to it. And letlife be more fascinating, purposeful, and fun.

Published by OnePoint Press, 2006
ISBN: 0977614905
$15.00 plus shipping

The New Conflict Cookbook:
A Parent/Teacher Guide for Helping Students Deal with Anger and Conflict

This handbook offers teachers and other youth workers an array of exercises for developing skills in dealing with conflict and stress in a positive, peaceful manner and creating healthy, fulfilling relationships with peers, family, and community. Designed for fifth through eighth graders. 64 pages.

Published by Aiki Works, Inc.
ISBN: 1-877803-11-1
$15.00 plus shipping

Support Materials

Your Journey to Center:
A Personal Journal

Highlighted with inspirational quotes on the art of center, this blank journal is the perfect place to record your own journey to center.

Published by Aiki Works, Inc.
$9.95 plus shipping.

Music by Ellen Stapenhorst

Come Back Home

NEW RELEASE! The long-awaited collection of new original songs by singer/songwriter/AikiWorks trainer Ellen Stapenhorst. A musical journey of twelve songs, including the often requested "Traveler", "Walk on Earth" and "One Moment More".

CD $15.00 plus shipping

Invisible Threads

A collection of twelve songs including Feels Like Home and First Days of Spring, written and performed by Aiki Works trainer Ellen Stapenhorst. Ellen's songs capture the spirit of the Magic of Conflict, creating a melodic reminder of the importance of center in daily living.

CD $15.00 plus shipping.

Audio tape $10.00 plus shipping.

The Dance

A delightful mix of original songs, with a thread of personal and global consciousness running through, from singer/songwriter Ellen Stapenhorst.

CD $15.00 plus shipping.

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