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1994 Dodge Ram Van B350 
Left front view
The roof rack was custom built and includes a sheet metal panel
slanted down for wind deflection away from the roof cargo.

Right front view
The spare tire and 2 extra snow-studded tires are on top of 
the roof rack.

Interior looking back view
For size comparison, two dining room chairs are shown.
The benches are easily installed or removed from the cargho area
and are clamped solidly to the floor without use of any extra tools.
15 people can each sit in seat-belted seats distrubuted over 4 benches (3x3+4) in the rear and 2 bucket seats on the front.

Driver seat side view
The bucket seats are very comfortable for long drives. The steering wheel's tilt is adjustable.
The van includes power door locks and power windows, power steering and automatic shift.

Driver seat rear view

Interior with benches removed

Rear view with rear door open
Driver compartment view
Both front seats have comfortable bucket seats with arm rests. 
Radio includes AM/FM and cassette. Control panel includes individual AC and heater controls for front and rear.

Right rear view
Two side doors and one large rear door give easy access
to the cargo compartment when benches or not installed.
When benches are installed the rear door cannot be used
for passenger entrance or exit (door access is blocked by
the rear 4-passenger bench).

Rear view with rear door closed
The custom roof rack and access ladder are clearly visible.
Roof rack can be used for camping trips to hold all gear
and water for 15 people. The roof rack can also be used for
transportation of ladders, canoes, or rafts with the proper use
of tie-downs or restraints.

Left rear view
Access to the custom roof rack is easy by climbing the custom ladder 
permanently mounted on the rear door.

Right side view
The side doors provide easy access both for passenger loading when the benches are installed, or for large width cargo loading.

V8 5.2 liter engine
120,000 miles but still purring like a kitty

15-person van (2 bucket seats, 3 x 3-seat benches plus  4 seat bench)
all benches are removable 
Great for hauling groups, large loads, or moving van

$1500 top rack inluded

Spare tire and 2 additional studded winter tires included

See the Kelly Blue book value for this van at

A steal and a deal at $5500 


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